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About Srishti IAS

Srishti IAS is an IAS coaching platform that has outperformed leadership in the UPSC examination. It is the best IAS coaching center all over India and focuses on both Mental & Physical development that an IAS Aspirants needs to be the future leader.

Values Of Srishti IAS

Mission – Srishti IAS

The mission of Srishti IAS is to provide an affordable quality education while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen field, instilling values, identifying hidden talents. Further, to provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential, thereby shaping them into future leaders, entrepreneurs, and, most importantly, good human beings.

Create a space for students to explore their creative potential while encouraging entrepreneurship and critical thinking. Provide high-quality education by integrating traditional and innovative practices into value-based holistic teaching and learning.

Vision – Srishti IAS

The vision of Srishti IASis to bring forward the brightest minds in the country with the best qualities of becoming a great leader. The IAS examination is one of the most difficult and has a shallow success rate. Thousands of students study for IAS all over India. Srishti IAS is an excellent choice for students looking for the best Academy for IAS preparation. Our vision also implies making education inclusive by making it available to all segments of society.

To maintain and promote governance quality, transparency, compliance, and sustainability. In addition, provide students with the skills they need to adapt to a changing global scenario.